My Toolkit

About My Toolkit

Like all good people I have my toolkit of preferred programs. These programs do all sorts of things, from keeping your computer in tip-top shape to displaying .pdf files in the shortest time. These tools are available at no (or very little) cost, and all of them can be downloaded from the internet.

They are the tools which I use to keep my computer ticking over as cleanly as possible and to keep it free of viruses and other internet nasties. I also have my favourite web browsers: some of them I use all the time and others I use for specific purposes.

There are various operations which can be made easier with the correct tools. In this section I have divided my tools into a number of sections to make it easier for you to find the tools which you need to perform the tasks which will make your day easier. Please go ahead and download, install and use those which you feel will make your day easier.

Just click on the highlighted link in a description below to be taken directly to the website of the utility program which you would like to download.

Toolkit Programs


Backup Files - Free & Commercial: SyncBack

Backup Disc - Commercial: Acronis True Image


Find files by Name - Free: UltraSearch

Find files by Contents - Free & Commercial: Copernic Desktop Search

Remove Unwanted Files - Free & Commercial: CCleaner

Defragment Files on Hard Disc - Free & Commercial: Defraggler

Remove Duplicate Files - Free & Commercial: Duplicate Cleaner


Browser - Free: Chrome

Browser - Free: Opera

Browser - Free: Firefox

Anti-Virus - Free: Avast

Anti-virus - Commercial: Kaspersky

Internet Speed Display - Free: NetWorx

Internet Speed Display - Commercial: DU Meter


Display Images - Free: Picasa

Display Images - Free: Irfanview

Display Images - Free: FastStone

Modify Images Free & Commercial: PhotoFiltre

Modify Images - Commercial: Photoshop Elements

Modify Images - Free: Imagina

Modify Images - Free: GIMP